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In the last 15 days activities aimed at raising awareness and triggering solutions to eliminate gender based violence (GBV) has been in the front burner of public discourse. The 2017 16 Days of Activism against GBV has been celebrated with vigour by all from around the world.

Our organization- The Centre for 21st Century is grateful to all our partners who sent in their write up on the various aspect of #GBV , it is expected that as people from around the world read the different write ups no one will be left behind.

Leaving no one behind requires that we not only reach out to those online but also all those off line and on the ground. Ensuring that men women, boys girls and people leaving with disabilities anywhere and everywhere have their human rights to live a life devoid of violence is respected and protected.

Continuing the activism after the 16 days of activism is part of leaving no one behind. Actions to eliminate GBV should be continuous and consistent, we should never relent or relax. Our actions against GBV from every corner of the globe provide the template for not leaving anyone behind until we end all forms of violence everywhere.

As the curtains draw on 2017 16 days of activism, remember it is the beginning of the renewal of our commitment to eliminate violence in our homes, communities and countries.

Centre for 21st Century Issues, calls on all governments and leaders everywhere to step it up against GBV by passing laws against GBV and effectively enforce the laws. Let us give succour to the affected and ensure an enabling environment for peaceful- coexistence of all.

Titilope Akosa

Executive Director

Centre for 21st Century Issues

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