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Community Engagement in Low-cost Private School

It is a project implemented under the DFID project on Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria (DEEPEN) by Centre for 21st Century Issues from 2016-2018

The objective is to achieve changes in parent’ behaviour in making informed choices around their children’s schooling and to take action to hold schools to account,

  • encourage the social mobilisation of communities to work together as stakeholder groups to strengthen their voice and influence with school proprietors and to tackle local issues,
  • Advocate with decision makers for necessary change in the policy and regulatory framework.
  • C21st worked with community leaders, Low cost Private school proprietors , parents and major private school Associations in Lagos State

In a bid to enhance improved learning outcomes in Lagos State, C21st implemented the intervention titled “Community Engagement with Low Fee Schools” on behalf of Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria (DEEPEN); a DFID supported project, in thirty (30) schools in six (6) communities in Ojo Local Government Area(LGA). During the implementation of the intervention, C21st organized series of forums to train participants on good schooling practice, importance of parents’ participation in their children’s schooling and strategies to mobilize parents to Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings. Participants at the forums include

proprietors, parents community leaders/members and trades associations.

Stakeholders Mapping at Igbo Elerin by Ms Uju Okeke

Parents forum @ DE Lord Dominion Private School Afromedia

In order to build the skills of proprietors of low fee schools, C21st organized training on School Development Plan (SDP) for them.  Also to ensure that children who attend low fee schools are well protected from every form of violence, the organization in partnership with the Association of Model Islamic Schools (AMIS) organized training on Child Safeguarding and child protection for their members.

In addition, C21st as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) formed a coalition with the Private School Associations in Lagos State to advocate for education that is accessible to all. Associations of private schools that make up the coalition include: Association of Formidable Educational Development (AFED), League of Muslim Private Schools (LEAMPS), Association of Model Islamic Schools (AMIS) and National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS).

Participants at the training on addressing Gender Based violence in Low cost Private school in Lagos


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