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Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21st) observed the 2017 Local Government elections  which held on 22nd July 2019.  C21st secured accreditation with Lagos state independent Electoral Commission LASIEC for 5 women election monitors.

C21st also collaborated with the women situation room and West African Network for Peace building Nigeria to observe the election and constitute the women situation room for the election.

The overall aim of the observation is to study the happenings at the Lagos State Local Government election of 2017 particularly the participation of women and other vulnerable groups like People with Disability (PWD), to see that environment is conducive and safe for the exercise of their right to political participation. To ascertain that the election is free, fair, popular and credible.

Executive Director of C21st at EKO FM Radio station to discuss women’s participation in the Local government elections in Lagos

In 2019 , C21st also participated in observing the Presidential and governorship elections in Nigeria through the Women Situation room. C21st was at EKo Fm radio station to analize happenings on ground and encourage women in particular to come out and vote.

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