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On Friday, July 3rd, the Lagos Civil Society Against COVID-19 organised a town Hall meeting with the goal of mobilizing the support of CSOs in Lagos state for COVID-19 home based care delivery.

The town hall meeting had in attendance seasoned panelist such as; Prof Akin Abayomi, commissioner for Health Lagos state who spoke on the concept of Lagos COVID-19 Home/Community Based care; Dr. Olugbemiga Aina, P.S. Primary Healthcare Board Lagos state, who spoke on Primary Healthcare Centre readiness for Home based Care, also Dr. Oreoluwa Finnih, SSA health Lagos state who spoke on Social mobilization and risk communication Plan for Lagos Home based care; and Ms. Titilope Akosa, Executive Director Centre for 21st Century Issues and co-convener, Lagos Civil Society Against COVID-19 who spoke on the roles of CSOs in Lagos Home based Care.

With over 100 participants, the moderator of the e-town hall meeting was Dr. Eugene Itua, Director Eco – Capital.

Ms. Titilope Akosa noted that Civil Society organizations working at the grassroots level will play significant roles in the success of COVID-19 home based care.

Also, the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 being reported on a daily basis in Lagos was a subject of discussion for the panelists; the health commissioner noted that the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic is stretching the capacity of Lagos healthcare system and infrastructure.

Prof Akin Abayomi however briefed the participants on Lagos state home based care strategies.

Also, Dr. Olugbemiga Aina who spoke on strategy of the PHC for Home based care, said, “Lagosians have a false sense of security about getting infected with Covid-19.

Aina called for the establishment of Home care community centre within a local government to monitor home care patients in the community, stressing that the centres will be managed by members of the community and major stakeholders.

“Members of the community will be involved in order to reduce stigmatization, and the team in the PHC will consist of nursing officers and community extension workers” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ore Finnih briefed participants on Social mobilization and Risk communication plan, especially on the work being done by the team and plans to deepen community engagement.

Ms. Titilope Akosa, Executive Director Centre for 21st Century Issues and co-convener, Lagos Civil Society Against COVID-19 spoke about the roles of CSO in fighting COVID-19, She however highlighted roles to be further played by CSOs such as “Dissemination of correct information; Continuous Community engagement; Strengthening community surveillance; Monitoring for gender based violence

It was noted at the meeting that there is need for more community engagement.

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