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By Toyin Oshaniwa

A visit to PHCs in Epe Local Government area, during an assessment visit by the Lagos State Civil Society Coalition Against COVID-19 under the coordination of the Centre for 21st Century revealed how the vaccination exercise was carried out.

Toyin Oshaniwa of Nature Cares Resource Centre on March 26, visited Agbowa Community which has some vaccination points comprising Agbowa GH and Agbowa-Ikosi PHC respectively.

It was observed that at various vaccination centres, there were four personnel present to attend to residents who came in to get vaccinated.

The stipulated COVID-19 protocol and guidelines were all strictly adhered.

As observed, vaccination registration forms were available for recipients, AEFI toolbox was also sighted and AEFI reporting form were made available.

The vaccination exercise went on smooth as everything was observed to be peaceful and orderly.

However, despite the smooth process, it was not devoid of some issues, some of the gaps observed include the following;

1) Most persons vaccinated were not aware of the online registration platform

2) There were no specific posters for PWD support system

3) Some of the person vaccinated were not informed about the Vaccine effect before vaccination (lack of pre-vaccination counselling).

4) Vaccination Officer were not too clear about the duration of the vaccination exercise

5) Health centres in remote areas raised issues about poor mobility logistics

7) The vaccination Officers at various centres also expressed challenges of poor internet network and server problems.

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