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The Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21st) in partnership with EnviroNews Development Network (Endenet) and Society for Planet and Prosperity (SPP) implemented the project “Strengthening Civil Society Organization’s Engagement with Global Climate Change Policy”. The project was supported by the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), British High Commission Abuja and was implemented between October 2023 and January 2024.

The purpose of the project is to support civil society coordination and representation at UNFCCC COP28 to ensure alignment with national priorities and for strategic impact by promoting relationships within Nigerian civil society networks to influence COP28 planning and participation. Specifically, it aimed to improve the communication, lobbying and advocacy competencies of Climate CSOs ahead of COP28 in order to ensure more active participation of CSOs at COP28. Also, it was to develop a harmonized engagement approach for CSOs to engage with government and COPs processes. Principally, gender mainstreaming was a key component in all activities implemented.

These are the activities carried out on the project:

  • Conduct of Scoping Study: This includes COP participation for the past 2 years by CSOs (including breakdown by gender, state/region, and activities), linking to key achievements and limitations of effective CSO engagement where appropriate and possible; with case studies highlighting innovative civil society-led initiatives where they exist.
  • Design and facilitation of dialogues for civil society representatives across Nigeria to discuss and agree tactics for maximizing CSOs effectiveness ahead of and at COP28.
  • Development and roll out of CSOs Strategy for COP28 which include Capacity building, multi-stakeholder engagement and other associated activities for strengthening coordination of Nigerian CSOs.
  • Implementation of strategy at COP28 in Dubai, UAE and development of post COP28 advocacy strategy.
  • Development of Communications Plan and roll out of the plan by means of various media.
  • Press conference on COP28 outcome.
  • Post COP28 – Review and Lessons Learnt Engagement

Outcome of Project

The project was successful and provided significant outcomes. These include:

  • Availability of a research document that will inform future COP engagements
  • Expression of interest of over 255 CSOs leaders collaborating and actively engaged on WhatsApp platform for continued advocacy and climate action.
  • Availability of CSO and media strategy document that will guide future UNFCCC COP engagements.
  • CSOs equipped with technical skills on Climate change to effectively participate in COP 28 and future COP engagement.
  • Availability of a CSOs Communique with government’s support and commitment for action. This safeguards collaboration and partnership between government and CSOs fostering sustainability.
  • Successful collaboration with other stakeholders and donors during the multi-stakeholder Pre-COP and Post-COP Engagements.

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