Centre for 21st Century Issues

Welcome to Centre for 21st Century Issues.

The Executive Director

Ms Titi Akosa, the Executive Director of Centre for 21st Century Issues is a gender activist, environmentalist, community mobilizer and a defender of vulnerable persons. Trained in Law from the Lagos State University, Nigeria and the Nigerian Law School, Titi is a member of Nigerian Bar. An alumna of the Sustainable Environmental Management of University of California, she also attended UC Berkeley and Lagos Business School, Nigeria for her advanced leadership training programmes. While Titi has worked at international and sub-national platforms on issues relating to governance, health, environment, climate change, renewable energy, poverty alleviation and women empowerment, she is particularly vocal and passionate on issues affecting her local community. In this regard, she heads and supports many development networks and coalitions within and outside Nigeria.

Program Manager

Titilola Kazeem-Arnold is the Program Manager for the Centre for 21st Century Issues, Nigeria. Titilola is a Post-Harvest Technology Professional and a Certified Project Manager. She is a member of the Post-Harvest Education Foundation-Africa with a proven track record of working with small scale women farmers in advancing sustainable Agriculture and Food Safety and Security. She has a certificate diploma in Global Post-Harvest Loss Prevention from the University of Illinois and a post-graduate diploma in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from the Federal University of Technology, Abeokuta. Titilola is currently studying for an MBA, in NGO Management from Greenwich University Pakistan-Mauritius Branch Campus. Titilola has over 10 years of experience working in the development sector contributing to Sustainable development. She was an Oxfam Youth Ambassador in the Oxfam International Youth Partnership (OIYP) 2010-2013 Program Cycle. Titilola was also the only Nigerian youth that amplified the voices of youths and women farmers at the Rio+20 in Brasil, ensuring that their issues are mainstreamed into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Monitoring & Evaluation and Assistant Program Officer

Odediji Jumoke Victoria is the Monitoring & Evaluation and Assistant Program Officer of Centre for 21st Century Issues, Nigeria. She holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Developmental Psychology from the Premier University of Ibadan, and a Bachelor’s degree (Bsc) in Psychology from the Great Obafemi Awolowo University. She has worked with organizations of repute in Nigeria and well-skilled for enabling sustainable impacts across various communities of practice. She is an active member of National Association of Developmental Psychologists (MNADP) and has result oriented knowledge of program implementation, tools development, data collection, analysis and dissemination. She is the present officer in charge of monitoring progress and evaluating results of C21st activities across the communities we serve.

Media Volunteer and Social Media Strategist

Alao Abiodun is a media volunteer and social media strategist for the Centre for 21st Century Issues, Nigeria. He is a Journalist and Media Strategist. Abiodun holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Ed) in Educational Management and Economics from the University of Ibadan and NCE from St. Augustine College of Education, Lagos. He’s a spontaneous news reporter, opinion writer (Op-ed), commentator on national/social issues with his works published on notable online media platforms Abiodun was selected as the only Nigerian Journalist by the Senegalese Foreign ministry to represent the country at the 2019 Dakar international forum in Senegal. He is a writer who is keen on exploring unexpected angles and equipped with many years of prolific writing experience in different areas. He has written on diverse societal and contemporary issues that have engaged many readers and earned him widespread recognition